Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vipassana - The Art of Letting Go....

Every person has their own fears. I had stage fright. I lived with it for many years. Earlier it was a guest, then it became a part of me. I thought the only way to overcome it was by facing it & I participated in some events where I had to go on stage. I don't think I'm through with it yet. But It doesn't visit me much nowadays.

Fear is the greatest enemy of the self. It's a demon built by our own selves who engulfs us in it's tangles if we let it be stronger. Are you more important or are your fears. Let it not overpower you. Overpower it. Fight it. Win it. Again and again and again.

Let me share with you a secret:
We all are here to comes out of the life cycle and have Nirvana just like Buddha. We like something,we desire it. We can feel it on & in our body in the kind of pleasant sensations. We desire it so much, that it turns into a craving, then greed & we try to cling to it.

We hate something, we suffer it. We hate it so much, that it turns into a suffering, then repulsion & we try to go away from it. Again, we feel a sensation but we don't like this sensation. We try to throw it away from our mind, our body, our soul.

Many of the fears arises from these 2 opposite factors: Desire & suffering. We don't only suffer in the present but in the future too. We carry it in our forthcoming lifetimes. Thus, the cycle of birth and death. It's your own decision which can help you come out of it.

Just do this: When you see a pleasant or a repulsive sensation in your body,don't cling or repel from it. Just observe it and let it go. Don't react.

I know this may sound crazy to you. But this is the teaching of Buddha and he found "Enlightenment" in this very same manner. This is the art of letting go...Vipassana.