Saturday, February 4, 2012

Channel Your Thoughts Into Action

Do you feel that you don't have time for doing a lot of important things in your life? I often felt that till a few days ago & only sometimes nowadays... Why?

First of all, time is a man made constant & constantly changing factor. As per this factor, if we do believe in it, we all have 24 hours each day. So it's not that time is our enemy or opponent. It's just that we are our own opponent/s because we don't channel it and make it our friend so it works in sync with us.

The art is to channel our thoughts and take actions to do what we want instead of contemplating what is non existant & expecting the worse. What may/ may not finally happen is that we either get what we want completed or in some cases, not completed that day. But we may end up doing something worthwhile instead of letting our heads rule the better part of our day in wishful thinking.

So here's the steps I took to make it my friend. I pen down my schedule at the start of everyday. It helps keep my irrelevant thoughts at bay when I know what I want, planned in front of me. Before I know it, I start doing it & being in it. I've been doing it in my head since January & started being practical with it since February.

When I complete a task, I literally feel a load off my shoulder. It's like mission accomplished... 1 small thing at a time. Mark my words, it really helps. I've achieved so much in these past few days that I've been planning to do & always thought I'll do it one day.

Thanks to one of my great friends Sonja for inspiring me to write this. Good luck with channeling your thoughts into action. :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Alpha Is The Omega

Up until a few years ago, I've had been a pessimist in a true sense. All I talked about was being sad, thinking negatively & writing all these thoughts to over popoluate this already negative world with more negativity. Well, that was a few years ago....

Now, I preach positivity in my speech, words, actions, etc. Sometimes I'm taken off guard by negativity and it hits me in the face like a cold slap & I've often wondered why... when I'm all positive one moment and next I know I'm filled with sadness all of a sudden.

Today, the light has been thrown on this naturally curious question of mine. Thank you Osho and thanks to my hubby who told me about it.

The fact is, positivity and negativity are 2 sides of the same coin. So, even if you're stuck to one, the other always preys on the other & stays alive no matter how hard you try to nip it in the bud.

The only way, is letting go of both positivity and negativity and be in NO MIND. I still don't know how to do that all the time. It has happened to me from time to time. All I've to learn, is to stay in it always & forever.

So let's say, this is the Alpha & the Omega - the first step is the last step......