Saturday, December 17, 2011

Unlocking the hidden secrets

The answers to the most complicated things in life are always the easiest. The only reason it takes us an eternity to find these simple answers is because we're expecting complicated answers. We forget that simple and obvious things still do exist. We look elsewhere for solutions when we can be sitting right on it or in it

I've been searching for answers to this, that and everything here, there and everywhere. I just realized that the answer/ solution to all the questions in life ends here, in my MIND, as simple as that.

Mind can make, break or do/ undo anything and everything. It's where we store ideas, experiences(good, better, best or bad, worst, blah, blah). This is my super computer, my own personal super computer and I've the ability to create, manifest, destroy, learn, let stay anything and everything that I want it to do. If I don't want something to stay, nothing in this whole wide world can make it stay here.

Yes, I'm talking about the conscious, the subconscious, the unconscious and the super conscious mind here. Only I have the key to it, to let anything/ anyone stay in it. No matter how much anyone else tries, they cannot add anyone or anything go in of it unless I consciously let it in and the vice-versa is also true.

Talk about unwanted thoughts, unwanted people, unwanted habits like biting nails for example or writing something and striking it over and over again, procastination, etc.

Talk about things and habits that I've always wanted to achieve like doing things on time, learning Spanish, learning piano, a flute, pottery, learning how to deal with people & situations tactfully without blurting out my mind and in the process hurt someone's feeling sometimes.

It's so simple & I was expecting a complicated answer. Obviously, all I needed was looking inside my mind rather than seeking for it in the outside world. Now, I know this secret.

Monday, October 17, 2011

GeoMancy & MyMancy

Do you sometimes feel crowded with thoughts, less spatial inside and out, feel there is no space to breathe, people and things crowding you physically & mentally. Well, that's how I felt today. So I did Geomancy & this is the 2nd time I'm writing about it and MyMancy(a new term invented by me). Let me define both.

Defination of Geomancy:

"House clearing or space clearing which helps to transform energies in your environment to make it safer, healthier and happier for you, your family, your pets and plants."

Defination of MyMancy:

"Clearing of personal, mental, spiritual, astral, ethereal, psychological space or any other space relating to human body."

I thought, I needed space, real physical space. So I boxed up a few things ready to go to the thrift shop and some for donation. They're all going out tomorrow or maybe, day after, out of my personal space, out of my life.

Being an addicted hoarder, it was not easy. You see, I try to save everything, almost to the point that I crowd myself and my sweet, understanding hubby's personal space. But sometimes, you need to consciously take that hard decision, "to let go". You can't bottle up a lot of data/ emotions all at once. You need to learn to let go of things, past and future. To clear that physical space, so that you'll have some mental space and finally, some peace of mind.

A few days ago, I was talking to my hubby telling him, how I remember people, things, those tiny details that people forget so easily, about past, present and future. I know, it's a gift and I like it many a times. But I feel, it's unnecessary sometimes. Just like a computer, even after being a machine, it can bear only upto a certain storage space. Human mind needs to work like that. We save so much bullshit in our heads, so much unnecessary data that doesn't need to be there in the first place. It needs to be saved on an external storage device, if it's that important. If not, it's better to click that "Delete" button and let it go forever in ether. The past is gone the moment I write this, the future unknown and I care a damn about it. I love the present, but I'm not stuck to it like a dependable clingy wife.

So, I say, from this moment (or who knows since how long I've been planning this), I'll click that delete button as soon as I realize the unimportance of something in my mind, my immediate surrounding and wherever/whenever I can. This can be something present physically, mentally, spiritually, astrally, etherally, psychologically or in any other realms, if they are.

Other thing that I conciously would be doing is, if & when I feel like shopping, I'll ask myself these questions:

1) Do I really need this?

2) Will it make a difference, if I don't have this thing in my life?

3) Do I need this much? If yes, how much do I need? If no, why am I buying this obsolete thing?

4) What will happen, if I buy it/ don't buy it?

5) Will this create a burden on my head?

& lastly and the most important question, if all these questions give me a negative answer, I will ask this to my intuition, my instinct:

6) What do you think? If still no, I'll smile & not buy, if it says yes, I'll buy it/ whatever & follow my high command's order without questioning.

My goal in doing all these exercises:

Clear all spaces and be everything or nothing(as some say). Be so light that to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. To exist, yet not exist.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Why is it that all the great actions needs guts and the ability to push yourself as if from a huge mountain. The more better the action in your mind's eyes, the higher the mountain and the more difficult the push. That fear! to do or not to do. What if I fail. What if.....? what if....?

Ok, let me go ahead and push myself and let me see where it takes me, to the pits or to the ashes, to the abyss Or maybe up above in the air 'cause you know, I've balloons with me when I took that plunge ;). And, even, if I don't have those balloons, I know I've wings and can fly. Let this belief take me to my goal. Let me take action, I'll think about thinking later....