Saturday, December 17, 2011

Unlocking the hidden secrets

The answers to the most complicated things in life are always the easiest. The only reason it takes us an eternity to find these simple answers is because we're expecting complicated answers. We forget that simple and obvious things still do exist. We look elsewhere for solutions when we can be sitting right on it or in it

I've been searching for answers to this, that and everything here, there and everywhere. I just realized that the answer/ solution to all the questions in life ends here, in my MIND, as simple as that.

Mind can make, break or do/ undo anything and everything. It's where we store ideas, experiences(good, better, best or bad, worst, blah, blah). This is my super computer, my own personal super computer and I've the ability to create, manifest, destroy, learn, let stay anything and everything that I want it to do. If I don't want something to stay, nothing in this whole wide world can make it stay here.

Yes, I'm talking about the conscious, the subconscious, the unconscious and the super conscious mind here. Only I have the key to it, to let anything/ anyone stay in it. No matter how much anyone else tries, they cannot add anyone or anything go in of it unless I consciously let it in and the vice-versa is also true.

Talk about unwanted thoughts, unwanted people, unwanted habits like biting nails for example or writing something and striking it over and over again, procastination, etc.

Talk about things and habits that I've always wanted to achieve like doing things on time, learning Spanish, learning piano, a flute, pottery, learning how to deal with people & situations tactfully without blurting out my mind and in the process hurt someone's feeling sometimes.

It's so simple & I was expecting a complicated answer. Obviously, all I needed was looking inside my mind rather than seeking for it in the outside world. Now, I know this secret.