Thursday, April 9, 2009

Man, Books, Art & Ideas

I like books which are difficult to understand. Sometimes so difficult that I have to read it twice, thrice or even many times. It's like a challenge & I love them. It takes me deep within myself & I like to meet myself.

The journey within is the greatest & the only journey why you are here. So why not take the plunge & see where the void takes you. I'm empty so I've all the space in the world to welcome new and old alike.

Art liberates me from my soul. It keeps me free from negative emotions. Takes me to a height and let me fall freely without worry. I'm flying yet falling, I'm rising yet at the same place. It's like an orgasmic state of the mind, body and the soul. I'm complete.

There is no learning left. You can be the master and the follower of your own self. There is no place for ego here. The ego died aeons ago taking "You" along with it.

There is no complete art. Art develops along with your development. It's in your hands to give it a shape, positive, negative or neutral.

Man is a selfish being. All his life all he does is is own personal attainment, his likes, dislikes, happiness, sorrow. But that's for good because he is not here on this earth for others. He is here for himself. His journey is for himself alone and he will go away alone.

Perception of an idea differs from person to person. It depends on his values, thoughts, ideas and what he is thinking when he experiences something.

Books That make me think twice,thrice & a hundred times:
The Tao of Jeet Kune Do- Bruce Lee
Reiki: Universal Life Energy by Bodo Baginski and Shalila
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
All Osho Books

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