Monday, March 15, 2010


I've been sick on and off from the past month. Sometimes, I felt useless, sometimes overwhelmed, sometimes I wanted to do a million things but ended up doing nothing. Well, yeah, good for me. I never seem to be able to calm down or sit still without doing nothing. This time, I found the time to sit and contemplate, write. Writing had been my passion from the early years of my life and I used to spin up poems and other philosophical stuff that I sometimes find stuffy now for a teenager that I was then. But now that I found time, I was able to write so much that I wasn't able to do for quite some time now. I found a rejuvenated me and found that being sick actually reuvenates your body, mind and spirit letting go of old self. I feel almost like a new person today and just wanted to share that I'm never ever going to stop writing, no matter how much it bores the daylights out of the reader's mind ;-)


  1. I find that when I am struggling with so many thought I do Stream of Consciousness writing. It's amazing what I find on the paper when I'm done.

  2. Mamta - glad your feeling better - writing is the best therapy - also my first passion! If you read any of my blogs you will soon find that out!

  3. Words are my passion.. I can write day and night. Keep writing

  4. I hope you have recovered fully. Take good care of your crafty-self.

    You know, sometimes its great to let someone/thing take control and cruise your life around, even though it may not feel right at that time, you thank it later for making decisions for you.

    Enjoy and keep up the good work.